A typical symptom of thyroid disease is the sign of tiredness even after 10-hours of sleep. A visible sign for the disorder is the enlargement of the thyroid (goiter). There are several symptoms, which are not taken seriously enough, though they are already signs for the disease such as: huskily, insomnia or “lump in the throat” feeling, non-optimal pulse rate, high blood pressure, asphyxia, hand shaking, xerodermia. In case of the detection of the above-mentioned symtoms it is highly recommended to look for medical advice, namely the thyroid plays a significant role in the regulation of metabolism (in how efficiently our system uses its energy).

On many places long waiting lists hinder the quick medical care, which occasionally leads to a postponal of doctor visit.

  • Screening
  • Blood pressure measurement
  • Body weight measurement
  • Prescription and recommendation for special medication
  • Dietetic consultancy

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Dr. Bencsik Zsuzsanna
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