In Hungary approximately 7500 – 7800 patients are diagnosed with large bowel cancer from which 5000 lead to death. In an early stage in most of these cases the chance of survival is much higher, therefore the early recognition is extremely important. By endoscopy a camre is lead through the examined part of the digestive system.

The gastroscopy is the primary method for examining the upper digestive tract (reflux disease, fistula, cancer etc.) The major advantage of colonoscopy compared to any other diagnostic methods is the ability to take tissue sample for microscopic screening, furthermore by colonoscopy – limited until different sizes – precancerous polyps can be removed at the same time. In specific cases the unpleasant examinations are done without anaesthetization. In our institute patients have the opportunity to apply for an intervention in narcozation or anaesthetization, our physitians work with the highest attention.

Obviously our customers can demand consultations concerning ventrical or digestive disorders and nutrition. Patients suffering from common digestive disorders (e.g.: phlogistic bowel disease) can call on control and treatment.

  • Screening
  • Preparation of patients for screening
  • Gastroscopy
  • Colonoscopy
  • Polipectomia
  • Tissue sample – Biopsy
  • Prescription and recommendation for special medication

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Dr. Komáromi Erzsébet Anna

Specialization: Gastroenterology
Dr. Komáromi Erzsébet Anna
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