Although cardiac disorders cannot be seen by any obvious symptom in the early statuts, the presence of severeal other signs can give a handle to go for a cardiac screening. Unfortunately in the lack of typical sympoms, patients only get to professional care in a late stage of the disease.

One can suspect a cardiac disorder in case of hard breathing, strange distress. Strong feeling of heartbeat (patient can actually feel the slow or fast beating of the heart), dizziness, fainting, leg, ankle and foot sweeilng can as well refer to heart disease. Since chest pain can respectively refer to respiratory or digestive disorders, only a proper screening can shed light on the real cause of symptoms. Nowadays, patients have to wait even months for a similar examination, this explains the small number of participants. The cardiac screening is painless. According to professional indication heart ultrasound, resting and stress ECG, targeted laboratory tests and basic cardiac tests belong to cardiac screening.

The so-called Holter monitor enables to observe the heart functions during 24 hours. The same test by stress explains whether complaints are caused by coronary disorders. Stress ECG is used by the postoperative or postinfaction health check.

Our complete cardiac screening (screening by specialist, heart ultrasound, strees ECG) is adviced for more than 40 years old sportsman/sportswomen, for patients with high cardiac risk or for those who would like to start doing sports according to a safe sport plan.
  • Screening
  • Resting ECG
  • Blood pressure measurement
  • Echocardiographia
  • Stress ECG
  • ABPM (24 hour blood pressure measurement)
  • ECG HOLTER (24 hour ECG test)
  • Prescription and recommendation for special medication

Our physicians

Dr. Dósa Andrea

Specialization: Kardiology
Dr. Dósa Andrea

Dr. Endersz Frigyes

Specialization: Kardiology

Dr. Kiss József

Birth date: Budapest 1956-01-02
Specialization: Kardiology
Dr. Kiss József

Dr. Széles Margit

Specialization: Kardiology Internal Medicine, Diabetology
Dr. Széles Margit
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