If you feel gratuitously sad, depressed and do not feel like to do anything, if even after negative test results you have pain and diseasedness, if you have bad night’s sleep, no hunger or cannot find pleasure in sex any more, if the world has funnily chaned around you and you have weird feelings, if you acutely and gratuitously worry and the fear is eating up your life, if you fail your relationships over and over, than you might have a mental disorder which can be diagnosed after an examination of a psychiatrist.

Psychiatry is a science focused on the disorders of psychic life, which combines the discoveries of modern biological neuro sciences, the more than hundered-year-old psychiatric knowledge and the over thousand years experience about human behavior and realtions. It focuses on cognition, thinking, feelings and behavior disorders.

There are a lot of people who think that only lunatics turn to psychiatrists. But nowadays the preservance of spiritual and mental health generally means a part of people’s everyday life. Ambulant psychiatric treatments can be with or without medication based on voluntariness and cooperation.

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Dr. Danics Zoltán

Specialization: Psychiatry
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