Fine-tuning with medication

Fine-tuning with medication

In Várpalota our team of great specialists and attentive nurses welcomes those patients, who
  • fluctuating blood pressure, or
  • unregulated diabetes,
  • are suffering from vertigo or tinnitus.
In a lot of cases as an ambulant patient medication is hard to settle, long-term nursing puts a lot of pressure on the family members.

To our patients we provide 2-3 bedded patient rooms in a comfortable environment, air condition, separate bathroom, plasma television, telephone connection and refrigerator.

As an inpatient you or your relative don’t need to regularly visit your doctor, which saves time and money.
  • In order to achieve the right state of health the fine-tuning of medication requires in most of the cases a chain of professionally aligned laboratory and device examinations.
  • Lot of patients need to be accompanied while coming to examinations. Several families cannot always ensure company for the patient. Our service resolves the problem of accompaniment as well.
  • The 24-hour medical supervision lasting for several days and the continuous presence of nursing enables the safe, effective and satisfiying completion of fine-tuning of medication.
A proper screening is always followed by the fine-tunings and the infusion therapy. The therapist prepares a personal screening plan for the patient.

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