Managinig high blood pressure

Managinig high blood pressure

In Hungary every second person dies in cardiovascular disorder. Complications of high blood pressure can be the mutations of brain and kidney vessels, vascular lesion, arteriosclerosis, coronary vessel disorder, heart failiures or stroke.

Among those suffering from high blood pressure in most of the cases smaller or bigger complaints are caused by the damage in the organs and not from the high level of blood pressure itself.

By the appearance of symptoms the blood pressures exceeds the normal level. Patients normally recognize and diagnose this feeling immediately. Respectively by experiencing the commonly known symptoms it is recommended to visit a specialist for advice or medication-correction.

To adjust and maintain an optimal blood pressure level is important in order to avoid further complications in the organs.

The treatment of high blood pressure starts with a screening for physical condition. For the right screening the therapist choses based on the available technology the most suitable examination:
  • Laboratory screenings
  • ECG
  • Stress ECG (bicycle ergometry)
  • ABPM examination (the continuous, 24-hour recording of blood pressure)
  • Heart ultrasound examination (ultrasound imaging procedure, whereby a video is made from the heart)
  • Doppler examination (the examination shows the flow of cervical and limbic great arteries, the thickness of their walls, the size and content of the plaques)
  • Abdominal ultrasound is such an imaging procedure, whereby abdominal and small bowel organs are screened.
During the checkup the therapist recognizes and treats the cardiovascular risk factors, discovers secondary causes, notices idiosyncrasies and shapes the optimal treatment strategy for the patient. Meanwhile the therapy the fine-tuning of medication is needed, which stabilizes the optimal blood pressure level.

After there comes the stabilization and continuous follow-up of Your blood pressure. In our institute after a 10-14-day long hospital stay, the properly used medication and other therapies the patient has the opportunity to become free of syptoms and complaints and have an optimal blood pressure level.

Our co-workers help you to fight cardiovascular risk factors (smoking, stress, overweight), to develop a proper lifestyle (diet, physical activity, regularity). We provide personal diet and lifestyle consultancy in order to help our patients in the assimilation of everyday life.

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