OMMF The initiation of work safety by the dotte method

OMMF The initiation of work safety by the dotte method

Our hospital has won a non-refundable subvention of 350.000 HUF (Tenders: “The initiation of work safety by the DOTTE method” – OMMF-11-0019) within the project of the Hungarian Labour Inspectorate for work safety.

Tha goal of the tender: The initiation of the health protection and safety of healthcare employees with the use of the DOTTE method. Employees can acquire the knowledge gained witih the training through lectures and seminars.

Healthcare workers need to face such activities and environments, which threaten their state of health or expose them to the risk of diseases and accidents on their workplaces. The character of the work of health professionals requires considering health protection and safety as a priority.

The exposure of the musculoskeletal system, the wrong body position and the moving of heavy weights belong to the major risk factors of healthcare jobs. Disorders in the musculoskeltal system occure quite often among health professional in nursing.

The nursing team does not take enough care of their proper body position and execution of movements while carrying out tasks requiring physical activity. They do not possess such routined body positions and movements, which would protect them from spine disorders. The French DOTTE method ensures the safe execution of work for health professionals.

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