One-day surgery

One-day surgery

On the ground floor of the St. Donatus Hospital (separated from the inpatient care) double rooms with bathroom and patient rooms with 3-4 beds are available for those coming to one-day surgery procedures. One-day surgery patients are placed in an entirely separated part of the main building, no other patients are merged with them.

The reception for one-day surgery patients provides a more comfortable care.

As part of the one-day surgery care we provide ophtamological, surgical (varicose and hernia surgery) and gynecological operations. From the latter we highlight the outstanding hysteroscopy operation, which is only available in a few clinics of Hungary.

By ensuring a hospital background customers can request hysteroscopy and laparoscopy interventions. Those patients who are highly adviced for hysteroscopy can be divided into two groups. Women with sterility belong to one of the groups. In case of the other group an ultrasound test refers to the need of hysteroscopy. A quite frequent mutation is the non-cancenrous myom, which affects 50-60% of women. The polyp counts to a common mutation among female patients. The most common symptom is the recurring blood disorder, which cannot be solved by the frequently used fractional curettage, at most of the clinics it is repeated several times (even 5-8 times). Unfortunately this intervention does not stop the blood disorder. If complaints occure another time a final hysterectomy is adviced. In Hungary more than 10.000 wombs are removed because of blood disorder or myome.

Myoms can be treated by medication, even in Hungary. The medication diminishes the myomes before the planned hysteroscopy. During the preoperative medication the possible anaemy of the patient can be treated as well.

The results of hysteroscopy interventions (myome and endometrium remova) in our hospital show that in 80-90% of the cases patients suffering from blood disorders and myome could avoid further abdominal operations (hysterectomy).

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