Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine

In case of a general discomfort, tiredness or unknown symptoms a profound health screening is advised. Besides the general check-up, prevention is very important. It is recommended to take a medical screening once a year.

The measurement of blood pressure, heart-rate, blood sugar level, ECG, gastroenterological, blood and urine examinations as well as the check-up of limbs belong to the general medical screening.

In the St. Donatus Hospital all the medical examinations can be completed with modern diagnostic devices without a waiting list.
  • Complete medical screening
  • ECG at rest
  • Blood pressure measurement
  • ABPM (24-hour blood pressure measurement)
  • ECH HOLTER (24-hour ECG measurement)
  • Doppler Ultrasound
  • Body weight measurement
  • Blood sugar level measurement
  • Waist circumference measurement
  • BMI calculating
  • Recommendations for special medication to General Practitioners
  • Measurement of health status and expert’s report for driving licence
  • Prescription and recommendation for medical aids
  • Dietetic consultancy

Our physicians

Dr. Margit Széles

Specialization: Internal Medicine Diabetology, Cardiology
Dr. Margit Széles

Dr. Zsuzsanna Bencsik

Birth date: Ózd
Specialization: Internal Medicine Endokrinology
Dr. Zsuzsanna Bencsik

Dr. Árpád Udut

Specialization: Internal Medicine

Dr. Szilvia Wolf

Birth date: Várpalota
Specialization: Internal Medicine Diabetology
Dr. Szilvia Wolf

Dr. Valéria Sebestyén

Birth date: Mór 1960-05-11
Specialization: Internal Medicine Radiology, Ultrasound
Dr. Valéria Sebestyén
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