Infusion therapy

Infusion therapy

Vertigo, tinnitus, the distraction, headache, memory and speaking problems caused by the sclerosis of brain vessels belong to the commonly known difficulties of aging. Specific medications mean cure only in a few cases. The positive effect on brain and general circulation by infusion therapies is already evidenced.

Before putting together the most sufficient combination of infusion therapy medical, laboratory and other device examinations are done.

The effectiveness of our infusion therapies is proved by the amount of the returning patients, who are resorting the medication service time after time.

During the therapy symptoms caused by disorders in circulation can significantly be decreased.

The patient is accepted after a proper medical screening. After the screening the therapy lasts for 7-10 days depending upon the status of the patient and the type of the therapy. During the infusion therapy intravenous medication is used, which is very effective due to its vasolidatory effect. With this type of therapy we can achieve much higher results than with oral medication.

The infusion therapy improves blood flow and circulation. This results in a better supply of decreased circulated areas. Due to the therapy the typical symptoms of circulation disorders can decrease or even retrograde.

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