Quality policy

Quality policy

The St. Donatus Hospital is committed to a high-level service and professional care. The quality circumstances, the safe and solid quality operations, the respect of appointments and the secrecy represent the main direction of our service culture. Our health care professionals and respected chief physitians guarantee the high level of quality in the institution.

To our patients we provide 2-3 bedded patient rooms in a comfortable environment, air condition, separate bathroom, plasma television, telephone connection and refrigerator.

You don’t need to wait hours for the inpatient care. Furthermore you can feel yourself home in a comfortable and exclusive environment.

In our institution patients have the right to take the responsibility to ask questions concerning their health situation.

We constantly provide such consultation opportunities, which are aiming to improve the refreshing, relaxing and quality-way-of-living of our clients.

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Szent Donát Hospital

8100 Várpalota Honvéd u 2-3

Customer service:
Phone:   +36 (30) 203-5555
E-mail: info@szentdonatkorhaz.hu

Phone:  +36 (88) 472-555 / 244
E-mail: titkarsag@szentdonatkorhaz.hu

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