Patient excercises, activities

Patient excercises, activities

Generative-excercises for the patients of Szent Donát Hospital

We provide regular generative-excercises for our patients, which on one hand provide a useful time spending possibility, on the other hand preserve and improve their emotional and mental conditions.

Excercises are done by the educated entertaining staff in private or group sessions.
The aim of the excercises is the improvement of the remaining abilities and functions.

During the generative-excercises the brain functions are stimulated with variable sensory stimuli, which helps to preserve the remaining cognitive functions.

Excercises are done in a cozy and caring atmosphere mostly in a form of playful problem solving tasks.

A part of the excercises is a specific motion developing activity. The aim of the motoric trainings is the preservation of the patients’ pyshical strength, the improvement of their vitality and concentration and respectively the amelioration of the motion coordination.

The other part of the excercises consists of those specific cognitive trainings, which aim to improve the injured neurological functions caused by aging and to strengthen and preserve the existing mental abilities. During the cognitive training programs a series of targeted development of several skill branches is realized (orientation in space and time, attention, memory, abstract thinking, language skills, fine motoric skills).

We consider the tracking of the patient’s personality and emotional mood, the losing of anxiety and the ensuring of spiritual support to be our job. The psychologists of the institute provide help by talking sessions and relaxation therapies.

Besides the targeted generative-excercises our patients attend creative, music, story and bibliotherapies on a weekly basis.

In addition gala events, religious programs, artistic performances, movie session, common cookings, walks and excursion are enriching the everyday schedule of our patients.

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