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Our company has obtained the operation rights of the City Hospital and Outpatient Center of Várpalota on 1st September 2005. Thanks to the capital injection and the reorganization of the hospital’s operations in the following year despite the dramatical recession in the market the institute presented a stable financial operation. Until 31th December 2006 the hospital functioned as a matrix institute with 76 beds whereby after the countrywide health care restructuring it has transformed into a 230-bed rehabilitation center.

At the same time of the hospital’s takeover due to the operating company’s investment a 3-billion-Forint worth rehabilitation center has been constructed. The new 120-bed building was built right next to the old hospital’s premise they are even linked with a roofed bridge on two floors. On the ground floor of the new building 3 new operation theaters have been built where the one-day surgery opeations are located. One floor above our patients can find the outpatient center.

The high-quality circumstances are reflected by the unified look of our institution, by the air-conditioned patient rooms with 2-3 beds, own bedroom and terasse and by the cozy lounges placed on the corridors. The inner room construction rather resembles a hotel showing the difference to other similar outpatient institutions, which present the same function but have another approach to patient care.

On nursing, chronic internal medicine and psychiatric rehabilitation units we are caretaking those patients, who cannot be nursed any longer by their families’ at home. We are aiming to ease on the even more complex and acute problems of our aging society. On one hand those family member with a job cannot stay non-stop with theirs loved ones at home on the other hand they cannot take-on a responsible nursing care due to the lack of professional knowledge.

Added to the 3 operation units in the old building further 3 operations rooms were provided on the ground floor of the hospital’s new premise. One-day surgery operations are done there.

Our institute shows since 2001 a great tradition to the above-mentioned medical attendance. This is underlined by the yearly more than 1000 one-day surgery operations which number is increasing year-by-year. In order to immediately provide our patients an available place we have specificly reconstructed a whole side wing.

For the outpatient care our patients have to ask for an appointment in advance. In an elegant and cozy environment titled specialists and a qualified, empathic staff welcome them. As a basic rule we provide appropriate patient information, a proper time spent on each of our patients, politeness and discreetness. We are welcoming our patients from 8am to 7pm to outpatient services. With the introduction of the afternoon hours we wanted to help on those patients who were not able to come to the morning shift due to their work. With the modern patient call system we have minimized the waiting period.

By chosing a patron saint to our hospital we went back to the traditions of the simoniac and temporal religious orders. With “St. Donatus” we have revived the heritage of the city of Várpalota together with its inhabitants. The farmers of the wineyard of “Loncsos” have prayed to St. Donatus against the damages caused by the storm, lightnings and drift.

We have held the ordainment of the hospital on 19th October 2013. The patroness of the event was Márta Talabér, the mayor of the city of Várpalota. The hospital is developing in its name and look as well as in its spiritual life. Aquiring the name of a Saint is not just formality, it means a committment. Therefore we are trying to ensure our patients - besides their physical care - even more possibilities for their spiritual care. This need is becoming more important among elderly people. The continuous presence of spiritual supporters (priest) means confidence and resignment for both the patients and their relatives.

With the help of the Operational Programme of Social Infrastructure (TIOP) the old building constructed from the brick ticket of the citiy’s inhabitants will be completely renovated. The health care system of the city will be modernized with new medical devices and additionally all outpatient services of Várpalota will be available at one place.

The investment and restructuring in hospital of Várpalota shows the desired future shape of the country’s healthcare system whereby the concentration of “active” ressources into the main clinical centers improves the better utility of the small hospitals’ ressources/capacities (such as Várpalota) by the emerging need of nursing and rehabilitation care. Its importance outreaches the regional borders it can be seen as a nationally applicable modell.

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