Private practice

Private practice

A clinic where medical, diabetic, endocrinological, gastroenterological, cardiac, gynecological, proctologycal and sirurgical examinations are on the same place – and you do not need to wait for it!

We provide specialized and preventive consultancy for those patients who respect their health and the well-being of their beloved ones. With the proper organization of patient journey our custumers are able to get a complete check-up. You do not need to wait for check-ups, the exclusive and comfortable environment ensures the cozy atmosphere while your stay.

We treat with high priority the care of those patients having specific problems. They are provided by high-class check-up services and an attendant care.

Our health care professionals and respected chief physitians guarantee the high level of quality in the institution.

In our institute the reception staff is responsible for the organization of patient care. They highly respect the specific needs of our customers.

Call +36-20-6-5555 and book an appointment now!

Szent Donát Kórház, Várpalota Honvéd str. 2-3.
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Szent Donát Hospital

8100 Várpalota Honvéd u 2-3

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Phone:   +36 (30) 203-5555

Phone:  +36 (88) 472-555 / 244

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