High-quality nursing

High-quality nursing

The perfect peace and healing of our patients is fostered by the devoted work of the nursing team in a high-standard environment. Our goal is to keep the quality level in our patients, make them feel well in their lives and provide them a support, which slows down the destruction of their conditions.

The employees of the hospital work according to such principals, which respect the dignity, autonomy, freedom and personality supporting the indivual in conserving his/her self-sufficient abilities, whereby all patients can preserve their autonomy, psycho-somatic balance and human dignity.

Our goal is to maintain the standard of living of our patients despite their mental destruction and reduction of physical activities as well as to provide the appropriate treatment, care according to their private needs, nursing and attendance.

We consider the ensurance of a personal-need-based nursing to be our main job as well as the satisfaction of our patients’ physiological, mental and social needs.

In our hospital nurses work in smaller teams, which provide a better commication and coordination concerning the specific and personal nursing-care activities. Due to a constant medical consultancy and the successful application of case-studies the personalized healing, nursing and care is easier to develop.

In our Institute patients can demand high-quality chronic treatment, nursing. This means the highest standards of our hotel service.

The Euquipment of the Cedar (“Cédrus”) wing:

These patient rooms have and own balcony, barrier free bathroom with shower and toilette. Each patient is given an own garderobe.

The rooms are equipped with a plasma TV, phone access, internet access, WIFI-access, fridgerator. Patient beds can be set. Each room is air-conditioned and there is an open kitchen corner with microwave oven and dishwasher.

The equipment of the Amber (“Borostyán”) wing:

These rooms are issued with a barrier free bathroom (shower and toilette). Each patient is given an own garderobe. Plasma TVs and fridgerators are placed in the rooms. Patient beds can be set. Rooms are well tooled up with nursing assets.

The cozy foyers with the attached gardens make the hospital stay friendlier. In the lobby room patients and their relatives can purchase snacks and small dishes from the small bistro.

They can read the newspaper or watch TV in the relax corners.

Married couples can apply together as well.

We provide a personalized diet for our patients. After consulting with their therapists and the dietitians, patients can choose from different menus. We are trying to possibly satisfy personal wishes and needs.

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