Caring decubitus

Caring decubitus

On the inpatient units of the hospital the members of the Decubitus Mobile Team provide help for patients arriving with decubitus and wounds. They measure the high-risk patients’ possibilities for prevention, the number of patients demanding a chronic wound therapy and develop a personalized therapy for their treatment. At specific-professional points in the therapy Decubitus workers consider the actual conditions of the individual; his/her feelings, reactions and aim to improve the quality of the patients’ lives.

Members of the team

Registered nurse (RN): Puts high emphasis on prevention with the usage of decubitus mattresses and preventive creams.
According to the character and the phases of the wound and its healing they treat the patients with the most optimal combination of bandage. In favor of a shorter wound healing they use Bioptron lights. They constantly consult with other members of the team and the therapeutist concerning the treatment plan.

After consulting with the RN and the physician they measure the physio-therapy of the patient and set up a personal therapy plan. They detect the body parts exposed to pressure and regard the positioning of the patient (physiotherapy, manual therapy interventions, electrotherapy procedures).

Medical masseur:
Based on nursing and medical records they screen the patient’s condition, basic illnesses and the condition of the massaged skin part (eczema, inflammation, wound etc.), ask about eventual allergies. They massage the body parts needed for the wound healing by which it can even relieve pain.

Based on the nursing and medical screening records she takes a detailed nutrition anamnesis, prepares a plan and gives advice for those patients endangered by malnutrition and with specific needs (according to religion, nationality, other illnesses, dietetic needs, lowered apetite etc.).

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