Dining plays a huge role in our hospital’s life since the use of appropriate nourishing food is an inevitable part of our patients’ therapies. Adequate nourishment of the patient improves the patients’ mood and healing. Additionally the experience of the dining itself is an important aspect.

For our patients we ensure 4-5 times dining per day. We offer a menu with a large variety of nourishing foods, which are changed according to seasons and are available for all patients on all floors. Foods reflect the taste of the Hungarian “housewife” food. In the “Cedar” or “Amber” wings patients not requiring a special diet can always pick from Menu “A” or “B”. Every Sunday we provide such dishes, which give a sense of the typical Hungarian “Sunday-lunch”. Moreover, patients get warm dinner one times a week.

We treat several patients who require a special diet according to their health status’. Our dietetic menus are in ligne with the different stadiums of different disorders and which are inevitable for the treatment of our patients. We apply special personal dietotherapy for patients with a specific need. Our nurses know the taste and dining habits of the patients, therefore they can provide a personalized dining for all of our residents.

The composition of the dietetic menus, the cooking procedure and the serving are supervised by a specialized dietitian.

Our diets
  • Menu for diabetes
  • Roborating menu (boosted with protein)
  • Mashed-liquid menu
  • Lactose free menu
  • Low-fat, -fibre, -spice menu respectively the combination of these.
Example for a normal daily menu
  • Breakfast: Fruit tee, chicken liver paste in fresh bread with grated cheese on top and green pepper.
  • Snack: Fruit salad with apricot
  • Lunch: Green pea soup, seasoned chicken with salad, parsley-potato.
  • Snack: Home made joghurt with strawberry
  • Dinner: Tea, Hungarian scone.
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