Physiotherapy, medical massage

Physiotherapy, medical massage


The aim of our physiotherapy is to mobilize and help in their self-sufficiency those patients suffering from symptoms of a seizure, amputation or other injuries caused by an accident, other neurological, reumatological, orthopedic or medical diseases. According to medical indication and depending on the patient’s condition we imply complex therapies. We use individual motion therapy, electro therapy, magnetic therapy, soft part and joint mobilization based on each clinical picture. Patients can attend group trainings, which are rather general trainings. Its goal is to further mobilize patients, strengthen their muscles and general conditions.

At the moment there are five psysiotherapists in the St. Donatus Hospital, who are all graduated physiotherapist. Their job is inevitable, since the main part of our hospital’s patients consist of elderly people, therefore the number of locomotor disorders is relatively high. Therapies can be based on individual cases or general clinical pictures applying other physiotherapeutic machines. In our hospital we use the TENSEL machine for painkilling and muscle strengthening, respectively Bemer magnetic bed for improving the body’s micro-circulation.

One of the five physiotherapists belongs to the Decubitus Team strongly cooperating with the other members of the team. Its job is to mobilize patients with a decubitus and to stop or delay the eventual destruction of the patient’s condition.

We provide the following individual and group training activities to our patients: after traumatic injuries, venous disorders, after-seizure condition, osteoporosis training, Parkinson – rhythm excercises, incontinency training.

Medical massage

The massaging belongs to the most ancient healing therapies. It is an instinctive action, which was used by our ancestors doing petting, pressing movements in order to release physical pain. It is one of the most ancient healing treatments of humanity. It is a mechanical stimulus done on the surface of the human body with defined grasps and order. The massage, as a treatment using a natural power, is part of the physiotherapy, more precisely is a branch of mechanotherapy.

The aim of the medical massage
  • releasing pain,
  • improving the local circulation of tissues,
  • fostering the tissue oxygenation and metabolism,
  • normalising the musce tone,
  • general amelioration of the body’s condition.
According to medical indication we treat our patients with specific medical massage: scalper massage (fosters the best regeneration of the bones), segment massage (by massaging the vertebra it stimulates the relating organs), connective tissue (CT) massage (by offsetting the under skin CT chronis muscle extractions and blood and lymph zones can be treated), ventral massage (stimulation of ventral organs). According to specific needs our masseurs are available for swedish, refreshing and foot massage.

In our hospital there are three masseurs working closely together with our medical team. Depending on the type of the disorder we define the type of the massage concerning the diagnosis and the complaints. The treatments have a painkilling, blood circulation improving, muscle relaxing, metabolism boosting and general relacing effect.

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