Patient safety improving activities

General goals of the patient safety program: 
  • Diminishing the incidence of failures of care and sentinel events
  • Development of the patient safety fostering culture
  • Care flow quality improvement
  • Research (concerning falls and development of decubitus)
  • We judge the possible defects of care and their causes by the feedbacks
  • Elimination and mitigation of sentinel events.
The data gathering is based on a well-prepared, structured questionnaire, which provide the possibility of written expression of personal opinions. It covers previously defined sentinel events.

The collection, analysis and processing of incoming reports take place in the NEVES team. In order to properly handle and identifiy sentinel events it is of primary importance to decide whether personal responsibility or system failure is the cause of the incident.

The goal of the team analysis is the search of root causes, definition of recommendations in order the decrease the number of sentinel events in the institution.

The goal of the analysis:
  • To make conclusions available for co-workers for the sake of the patient safety support;
  • The identification of summaries, descriptions, frequencies;
  • Risk analysis (valuation of the probability of repetition of a given sentinel event or defect);
  • Cause analysis;
  • System analysis: it requires institutional auditing and interviews with participants in order to discover the additional factors and background planning defects;
  • The utilization of results in favor of the ensurence and development of quality;
  • Decision-making in order to avoid sentinel events.

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