The indices of patient satisfaction

The indices of patient satisfaction

During the evaluation we have created groups according to 5 main aspects:

1. Patient information, which contains those information known at the point of admission and which concern the health condition of the patient.

2. Apropos of the work of the actual doctor and nursing staff we measure the satisfaction concerning the time spent on the patient.

3. Concerning the food supply we measure the adequacy of the quantity, relish, variety and temperature.

4. Those questions concerning the hygiene measure the cleanness of most of the scenes of patient care.

5. The level of satisfaction shows the general aspect of satisfaction in such a way whether the respondent would advice our care and service for another friend.

67% of the respondant were female patients. 1/3 of our patients chose the hospital for its good recognition another 1/3 picks it through a doctor’s recommendation. Our patients come mainly due to general practitioners’ advice (37%), friend’s, relative’s recommendation (29%) or due to other institutions’ proposals.

According to the respondants their actual doctors are careful, conscientious and helpful (78%). They spend enough time with the patients (70%), provide enough information about the medication (70%) and get appropriate information regarding their necessary examination (73%).

The nursing staff has been awarded as follows: They are careful, conscientious, helpful (82%), spend enough time with the patients (80%), provide enough information concerning the nursing (73%), the necessary examinations and interventions (75%). The nursing team is awarded with the fact, that 70-77% of the patients confess to get proper help by the scrubbing, moving and eating furthermore have a quick help whenever asked or called.

The chart shows the awarde of the phisyotherapists, masseur therapists of our institution: They are careful, conscientious (85%). They spend enough time with the patients (72%). They find the therapies to be effective (100%).

In the work of the entertainors the variety of leisure-activities has been highlighted. The organization of feats as well as the masses and liturgies play an important role in the every-day life of our patients.

81% of the respondants are satisfied with the comfort of the hotel service, patient rooms and common spaces another 76% like the constitution of the toilettes and bathrooms.

The respondants are 45% satisfied with the variety and quality of the menu, 73% is satisfied with the size of the food while 63% is content with the temperature of the meal.

75% of the patients are fully satisfied with the work of the cleaning staff.

Considering all of their experience 66% of the patients have awarded the St. Donatus Hospital with the maximum note of 5 on the answer scale and furthermore 95% of the respondants would recommend our institution for other patients as well.

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