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Social workers help the management of everyday acitivities (administration, guardianship procedures, disablement procedures, claim for disabled support, contact to public institutions, advocacy, shopping).

We have introduced the care service in the internationally proven team-work system, which fosters the efficiency of the patient-centered healthcare operation.

The tasks of the decubitus team: The prevention and care of the decubitus of endangered and permanently laying patient. The local and general treatment of evolved decubitus. The treatments are achieved with Bioptron light therapy. Team members: OKJ (National Education Registry) nurse, physiotherapist, medical masseur, dietist.

Members of the socio-therapy team: OKJ (National Educaton Registry) nurse, psychologist, psychiatrist. In an institutional environment the occupational therapy plays a great role in the conformation of life quality of elderly people. We provide personal or small- and bigger group activities, which include: music therapy, biblotherapy, creative therapy, work therapy.

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